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Tourism in Kenya | Ghana Accra
Sunday, April 11, 2021

Tourism in Kenya


Kenya offers its visitors unique scenery and diverse attractions. From the legendary Grand Rift Valley to the grandeur of snow-capped Mount Kenya, only a few countries around the world can offer relaxation on pristine sandy beaches and wildlife viewing – all within a short distance from Nairobi, the capital city. Please visit Kenya’s Tourism Board for more ideas of what to see and do while you’re in Nairobi.

Kenya has 60 National Parks and Reserves all with abundant wildlife.


As a great sporting nation, Kenya has a lot to offer to the sporting enthusiast. Most world sports – golf, football, rugby and cricket, to name a few, are very popular in Kenya.

It is now a sports destination for:



Kenya’s national parks and game reserves are a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, offering a variety of Kenyan animals and accommodations to suit all preferences.

Make a date to see the most enthralling Kenyan wildlife. There are many safari tours and travel experiences to choose from that is just right for you.

Hot-air balloon rides are best suited for the adventurous tourist who wants a sky-high view of Kenya’s wildlife and hauntingly beautiful landscape. The low-flying hot-air balloon safaris are particularly popular in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

There are also bird watching safaris. With over 700 species of birds, Kenya is one of the top birding safari destinations in Africa. You will enjoy excellent birding in game parks such as Maasai Mara, Aberdare, Lake Nakuru, Mount Kenya National Park, as well as in many other Kenyan parks and reserves